Peter Combe's Christmas Album Songbook (PDF)

Peter Combe's Christmas Album Songbook (PDF)

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This is a PDF of the complete 'Peter Combe's Christmas Album Songbook'. Featuring vocal melodies and lyrics, backing harmonies, piano introductions and guitar/piano chords for all 16 songs from Peter's much loved 1990 Christmas album.

This PDF is a completely revised version of the original printed songbook, with each song being transcribed in much greater detail. All songs have also been transcribed so that they can be used to accurately play along with the original recordings.


This PDF features sheet music for the following songs:


1. Happy Christmas To You

2. Christmas Eve

3. Tell Me The Story

4. Star Shines Bright

5. Baby Lying in a Manger

6. Chock-a-Block

7. Rejoice Rejoice

8. Hang Up Your Stocking

9. Christmas is Coming

10. To You Merry Christmas

11. Love and Joy

12. Caesar's Decree Song

13. Ping

14. Fear Not For I

15. O Little One

16. Christmas Child