Peter Combe Super Six Songbook (Digital PDF)

Peter Combe Super Six Songbook (Digital PDF)

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This is a PDF of the sheet music for SIX of Peter's best known songs. (This is a digital download, not a physical item). These transcriptions have been created to perfectly match with the original recordings. Featuring vocal melodies and lyrics, backing harmonies, piano introductions and guitar/piano chords for the following SIX classics:

1. Wash Your Face in Orange Juice (Mr Clicketty Cane)

2. Juicy Juicy Green Grass

3. Newspaper Mama

4. Spaghetti Bolognaise

5. Toffee Apple

6. Chopsticks


From Peter:

"From Bunbury to Bundaberg, I have performed these songs to kids (and adults!) right across the country thousands of times. These songs have helped me do what I love for over 30 years. I hope you enjoy sharing them with your children, students, friends and family." - PETER COMBE